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Spring Ready

Even though it's only February, everyone is already wishing for spring. Something about the weather warming up and shorter clothing hems is so liberating. Being stuck in the house for most of winter is cozy at first but quickly becomes boring. Spring is not here yet, but my outfit this week is definitely themed around it. I chose this feminine light blue striped shirt with light wash jeans from Target. While light jeans are always stylish, I loved the side accent of darker denim. Staying with spring colors I added cognac colored boots and a crossbody bag. 

Simple & Sweet Valentine's Day Looks

Look 1: My first Valentine's Day look is centered on this reddish pink top from the brand Mossimo. Besides the color, the frill details of this top make it girly yet simple. I would wear this to a lunch day or a day date. With the top I wore denim jeans to keep the casual look. 

Look 2: My second look is more dressy than casual. Continuing with the red theme I chose this floral dress from the brand Xhiliration. I love the feminine feel of this dress and would wear this out to dinner with tights and heels. My favorite aspect of the dress is the layers that add volume on the bottom. 

Look 3: My third and final look is focused on the top, although I do love these light wash jeans from Universal Thread. Staying with the floral theme, I chose this top because of the choker details and the top. The choker aspect is more daytime appropriate with the darker buttons. 

Which look is your favorite?

Styling Outfits With Pearls

Winter fashion this 2018 is including various styles and a focus on accessories. One of these styles is the adornment of pearls on ones outfit. However, there is line between a sleek look and an overwhelming fashion choice. I think scarcely adorned pearls can make an outfit appear classic and clean. Too many of this accessory can make an outfit appear a bit childish. Here's my tips for incorporating pearls in your outfit.  Styling Tips: 1. Have One Adorned Piece For a sophisticated look with pearls, have it adorned on one piece. For my outfit, I chose to have a t-shirt with pearls. 
2. Surround With Simple Pieces Too many pearls could appear childish. Balance the look with simple pieces like black pants and a jean jacket.
3. Stick to Monochromatic Colors This style looks best with black or white shirts. Having pearls on a pink top appears less sophisticated.