Black Lace Romper & Summer Walks

This past Sunday, I went on a walk with my boyfriend around the neighborhood and just enjoyed the weather. In New York, we only get three warm months a year so I was taking advantage of it. For the walk and the ice cream we got afterwards, I decided to wear a black romper from Express. This romper is very lightweight and loose, perfect for walking around in the summer. My sandals got a little dirty from the walk so I didn't show them here. My favorite details about the romper are the sleeves which you can see in the top picture. I forgot my sunglasses on this really sunny day and my boyfriend caught a picture of me covering my eyes from the sun. 

At least this photo shows the sleeve details on the romper really well and my recent haircut. I had two inches cut off my hair and it's already so much healthier. Even though two inches is not a big haircut for some people, it's a lot for me. I rarely get haircuts and love my hair long. 

DIY Gel Nail Removal

Initial Reaction

When I got my gel manicure before vacation, I was in love with them. They stayed on despite my numerous trips to the pool and were chip free the whole vacation. A normal manicure would have chipped quickly from the repeated pool use. Once I got home from vacation, I was still happy with my chip free nails and let them stay on to see how long they would last. About a week later, I started feeling frustrated with them. Since my nails were really healthy, they grew quickly and turned my once short and neat nails into long claw-like talons.

Turning Point

My nails started interfering with everyday tasks so I decided to get rid of them. I started having trouble putting my contacts in, which is something I do daily. When I was at my internship, I actually had trouble picking up things and holding a pen. This may sound ridiculous, but I'm not used to having these issues. I somehow thought I could remove them myself and googled "how to remove gel nails at home". I found so many articles about it and chose one. I linked a picture of the process from another website, since my nails look too gross to feature.

Horrible Mistake

The removal method involved using acetone nail polish remover, cotton balls and aluminum foil together as shown in the picture. After waiting 10 minutes like the article, my nails looked scary. My skin looked slightly burned and the polish barely came off. As I unraveled this horror show, pieces of cotton ball were actually stuck to my nail. I quickly realized I made a huge mistake and got them professionally removed at the nail salon the next day. After the lady took off the remaining polish, my nails were dry, brittle and yellowish. This experience is a warning for you to be cautious of trying DIY's with chemicals at home.

Loose Waves & Nautical Outfit

For this summer look, I decided to go for the nautical theme, as in blue stripes and white. This look and color palette is especially common on Montauk, Long Island. I wore a blue stripe off the shoulder top by BCX and white denim shorts by GUESS. Both items were purchased at Macy's. I love this outfit and feel it goes with the loose waves hairstyle. This is a trendy summer look.

Wash Hair

I start out my hair routine with cleaning my hair in the shower, of course. However, when I want loose waves or curls, I rough wash my hair. In the shower I put shampoo on the top of my hair and the conditioner from my ears down. When I apply the shampoo, I somewhat roughly run my fingers through my hair for extra volume and to make sure my scalp is thoroughly clean. When I am going for the straight hair look, I do not run my fingers through my hair like this. This method adds great volume for waves.

Dry Hair

Next, after letting my hair air dry a bit, I apply a small amount of anti-frizz serum and heat protectant to my hair. I do these steps before rough drying my hair to prevent heat damage. Once my hair is not dripping wet, I blow dry it half way with my hair flipped upside down. This can hurt your neck but provides intense volume for the top of your hair. My hair tends to fall flat if I don't dry it this way. Then I blow dry the rest of my hair upright with my hair normally around my face. 

Curl Hair

After my hair is completely dry, I let it "breathe" for 10 minutes since it just had intense heat. In this time I will usually do my makeup. Then I make two sections, the top of my hair and the bottom. I start with the bottom with my top hair clipped. I wrap my hair loosely around the curling iron, leaving the ends of my hair out of the iron. This gives loose waves instead of tight curls. After loosely curling both sections, I gently run my fingers through my hair to make waves. 

Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Today, I made a simple strawberry smoothie with ingredients everyone probably has in their home. This strawberry smoothie will give you a good serving of milk, yogurt and strawberries. I usually add a small packet of cane sugar for extra taste but you don't have to. The Chobani yogurt is an essential ingredient as the yogurt thickens the smoothie to be really creamy and smooth.


  • 2 Cups of Milk
  • 2 Chobani Yogurt cups (Strawberry and Blueberry)
  • 6 Strawberries
  • 1 packet of Cane Sugar
  • 3 ice cubes 

Real Techniques Eye Brushes Review

I purchased the Real Techniques Eye Detail + Define Duo Pack because I thought it was affordable at $8 for two eye brushes. When I opened the package I realized that these are the smallest eye brushes I have ever seen. These brushes are even thinner than a school pencil and look skinnier than my It Cosmetics Brow Powder which is thin as well. The brushes in person were so thin, I was not sure what to make of them. How did they decide to sell products like this? I definitely prefer big fluffy blushes when apply makeup.

The Real Techniques Eye Detail + Define Duo Pack are stated to have synthetic bristles and be cruelty-free, which I appreciate. The pack comes with the definer brush, the square detailer brush and a liner guide for a more precise application. I don't know if I will use the liner guide since it is quite flimsy but it was a nice bonus in the pack. I did not add it to the picture, but it is a small plastic triangle. I feel like I will easily lose this.

From what I've read, these brushes might be better for filling in eyebrows, even though they were intended for eyeshadow and eyeliner. I used the bigger brush (which is still quite small) to lightly fill in my eyebrows and I used the smaller brush for primer. If you want a big fluffy powder application, this brush is not for you. However, if you want small precise applications, this brush duo pack could work for you. I would consider using the liner guide to help guide my liquid eyeliner in the future. Just be aware that these brushes are extremely tiny before purchasing, I am sure you can tell by the photo.

GRWM Summer White Dress - Date Night

1. Get Cleaned Up

As expected I started off my routine with a shower to feel my best for the night. My hair has not been washed for a few days since it's so long and I was looking forward to thoroughly cleaning it. Since it was date night, I made it a special point to shave my legs. Maybe you can get away with stubbly legs in the winter but not in the summer. Before leaving the shower I applied a lavender body wash by Bath & Body Works to put me in a calm and pampering mindset. 

2. Style that Hair

After lighting a candle, I gently combed out my strands and applied argan oil starting from the bottom up. Once the argan oil was absorbing into my hair, I let my hair air dry for about twenty minutes. I only blow dry my hair right after a shower if I am running late, which happens pretty often. But tonight I was in no rush so I let my hair takes its time and air dry. After letting my hair naturally dry for twenty minutes, I applied a Kenra Heat Protectant to reduce some of the damage from blow drying. After finishing my makeup, I returned to my hair and used a flat iron to straighten it.  

3. Apply the Makeup

I first applied a Smashbox primer to help the longevity of my makeup. After waiting a few minutes, I applied my Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation in slow circular motions to my face. While waiting for my liquid foundation to settle I used the Too Faced Boudoir Palette for my eyes. I applied a white color on the base of my lid and a beige color in the crease. Then I used my BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara. After finishing my eye look, I applied the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Powder and proceeded to finish my face. I used the NYC Sunny Bronzer, a Josie Maran Coconut Water Blush and a Laura Geller highlighter. I finished the look with the Buxom White Russian lipgloss after exfoliating my lips.

4. Chose the Outfit & Jewelry

After spending an hour plus on makeup and hair, I finally was ready to pick my outfit. I felt inspired to wear a dress as opposed to my usual jeans shorts and t-shirt. I picked out a white sleeveless dress from Express and sandals from Macy's that I purchased years ago. I love how light and flowy the white dress is. I paired it with a jean jacket later on in the night as it got chilly. I love these sandals as they have a zipper in the back for easy removal and laces at the ankle for a sophisticated look. After I put on my dress and made sure it looked good, I put on some pearl earrings to go with the simple yet classic look of the outfit. I was very happy with my completed look and my boyfriend was too. 

Too Faced Natural Love Palette Review

I recently purchased the Too Faced Natural Love Palette to review. I have tried numerous other Too Faced palettes, specifically the smaller ones. I absolutely loved the Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette and the Natural Eye Palette. I was a bit hesistant getting a big palette like this from Too Faced. While the packaging is pretty with the flowers and neutral colors, the packaging was not anything special. Despite the good ratings on the Ulta website, this is not worth $59.

When looking at the palette, I was not sure how I felt about it. The palette has plenty of colors although I feel like I will only use the same 10. I am used to having smaller palettes and a small selection of colors, which does make it easier to form a look. Sometimes too many options can be overwhelming and it's just easier to use a smaller palette. The colors are light and powdery like most other Too Faced palette's. It took me several swipes of the color to get the product on my eye which was disappointing. This is a palette that is best for the spring and summer due to all the pinks and light colors.

While there is a whole row on the right with darker colors, I tend to stay away from dark colors as they make my eyes look smaller. I would rather my eyes stand out and look bigger. I use highlighter or white eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eye to make them look bigger and make me look more awake. Especially when I am rushing to my internship or school in the morning. While I could get some nice makeup looks for summer out of this palette, the colors wore off easily even with primer. I do not think this is a must buy. I would save your money for another palette, $59 is a lot to spend.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks - Fashion Under $100

Hello Ladies, these are my top picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale 2017. I made this list with all items under $100 as I am a college student with a budget. I chose some fall clothes and some summer clothes. I hope you gain some inspiration and have fun viewing my fashion picks.
Happy Shopping!

Twill Peplum Jacket
My first pick is this Twill Peplum Jacket by CASLON is one of my top picks for the Nordstrom sale. The jacket is originally $75 and is on sale for $49.90. Even though it's on sale, this is still a pricy pick for a college student like myself. This jacket will be perfect for chilly weather in the fall. I have always wanted those green army style jackets for fall and now I am finally going to get this, which is similar. I like the peplum style and finding it very flattering on my more petite body type. The cuffed sleeves are also a simple yet cute look.

Multi Stripe Scarf

This Multi Stripe Scarf by BP. is another item that is perfect for the fall. The BP. scarf is normally $25 and is on sale for $15.90. While that is an affordable price already, I love finding discounts. For this sale I am trying to buy a few fall pieces as well, not just summer items. Here in New York, it is cold most of the year. As much as I love wearing rompers, I have to always have more cold weather clothing. This scarf has numerous great reviews as well on the Nordstrom website. 

Raw Edge Side Slit Tee

This Raw Edge Side Slit Tee by LUSH is really versatile and well priced. This tee is normally $24 and is on sale for $15.90. This is an amazing deal for a top like this. The LUSH brand is already really affordable, and one of the more modestly priced brands on the Nordstrom website. Despite the lower price tag, this brand is well-knonw for its quality. 

Ruffle Faux Wrap Romper
This Ruffle Faux Wrap Romper by SOCIALITE is the perfect summer romper at an affordable price. The romper is normally $49 and is on sale for $31.90. This style features a wrap over the romper to add more style to the outfit. I will either get this romper in the plum color (above) or the black color. Although I already have a black romper. This romper is light and breezy to wear for summer nights. The only aspect of the romper I do not like is the spaghetti straps style, I like a romper with more coverage.

Satin Ruffle Hem Romper
This romper is another more expensive item on my Nordstrom sale picks. I am not sure if I will buy this, although I really like the look of it. This Satin Ruffle Hem Romper by ASTR is normally $69 and is on sale for $45.90. This outfit combines comfort and style in this draped style. The removable tie belt makes it easy to loosen or tighten the outfit based on your needs. I like that this romper has short sleeves as well and the draped bottom. I prefer a looser fitting romper since most are short. 

Cozy Thermal Top

Last but not least, this Cozy Thermal Top by SOCIALITE. This thermal top is cute and comfy for colder weather. This top is normally $38 and on sale for $24.90. The style is a relaxed fit which is looser fitting and drapey. A versatile top like this is perfect for fall in New York and can be worn with a cami underneath. The SOCIALITE brand is another low priced but quality brand.

Simple White Top & Denim Shorts


This casual summer style was ideal for my vacation in Florida. By the time it's 8:00 am, the humidity is high and the temp is already hot. While on vacation, I tried to wear light breezy tops and dresses which help compensate for the hot tropical weather. My outfit consists of a simple white Abercrombie top with lace and dark denim shorts. This was my typical outfit for walking through the parks. Besides the evening dinners, everyone dresses really casual at Disney.

The top is somewhat see though and should be worn with a cami. I purchased a few Abercrombie tops for this trip and wore them all. I continue to wear these tops in New York, and can wear them in the winter with a cardigan and leggings. A simple white top is so versatile in the summer. I always find myself purchasing primarily white clothing in the summer. I definitely do not dress like the typically New Yorker who wears a lot of black.

Next, I wore an affordable pair of dark denim shorts from American Eagle which flared out at the bottom. I have several pairs of light denim shorts, although this is my first pair of dark denim shorts in years. I like the dark denim color, I believe it makes my outfit stand out more as opposed to wearing a white top with light denim. I mixed and matched several different tops with those dark denim shorts (after washing of course). As simple as it is, a white top and denim shorts is a comfortable and trendy outfit for the summer.

Free People Asymmetrical Dress

In todays fashion post, I'm wearing a dress from Free People and boots from Macy's. This lightweight dressy is perfect for hot summers in New York. New York is very chilly during the winter, although our summers are absolutely beautiful. I love the bohemian style of this dress as I do not have many bohemian type clothes. I love the Free People brand since their clothes are so different from other brands that I shop from like Express. Express has more work appropriate and staple pieces for your wardrobe.

This Free People dress is an asymmetrical style dress that is shorter in the front and longer in the back. The simple yet pretty floral patterns add to the simplicity of the dress and are perfect for the spring and summer time. I like that this dress has the deep v style for the chest, this goes with the loose fitting and bohemian vibe of the brand. I even wear this dress in the colder New York months with a cardigan and tights. I wear this dress with sandals or boots.

Often during the summer I wear dresses since they are easy to wear and much simpler to pick out as opposed to winter with the cardigans and shirts, leggings, tights, etc... That's what I love about summer, jeans shorts and a t-shirt or a dress and you have an outfit. When the weather is nice and there is so much to do, I do not want to spend hours choosing an outfit or trying on several options. For a a casual dinner or a walk in the park on date night, this dress is so fun and flirty for warm nights.

Powder Gel Manicure Review

This past month (June), I decided to get a Powder Gel Manicure for the first time. In the past, I have only had standard manicures which are cheaper and chip very quickly. Before my family vacation to Disney World, I decided to finally get a powder gel manicure after numerous recommendations from my mom. My mother always has her nails done and has had many different types of manicures and pedicures. I tend to be low-maintence regarding my nails. Usually just keeping them natural and keeping them neatly trimmed and rounded. I focus more on my hair and makeup and spend most of my beauty allowance on products relating to that. Makeup definitely is not cheap, although I enjoy a mix of drugstore and high-end makeup.

Upon entering the nail salon, I immediately was shown different color options for my nails. (I also had a pedicure done). Being as my vacation was in Florida, I had to pamper my feet too. I picked out my usual color of choice, I nice light pick and was ready for my first powder gel manicure. The nail salon associate clipped and filed down my nails similarly to a traditional manicure. But then she put a clear coating on my nails. I later on realized that the powder would adhere to this. After putting the clear coating on my nails, she took out a small rounded box of pick powder. This made me think of an arts and craft set I played with when I was a child. Then one at a time, she dipped each finger for fifteen seconds in the powder. She coated each finger about three or four times and my nails looked thick and healthy.

When the woman was finished with my nails, I paid about $40 plus tip. This may be a lot of money to some people for nails, however the results have lasted for almost two weeks without a chip. The nails were definitely worth getting for my Disney vacation and held up great during the poolside fun and numerous rides. I definitely would recommend this type of manicure for vacations and special occasions. Although, I would not spend this on nails on a monthly basis as a money conscious college student.

How I Style Rompers in Winter

On this Sunday afternoon, I decided to mix summer prints with winter style. A romper isn't exactly a winter outfit so...

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