Satin Romper & College Stress

With my return back to college this week, I am definitely stressed. This lead me to start typing away on my blog. I love writing as I find it very therapeutic and expressive, something I definitely need after a long day of classes. Anyway, with college back in my schedule, I have to dress more conservatively. Unfortunately, this means no more ruffled rompers. Which leads me to reminisce about the romper I wore last weekend to go out with my boyfriend. 

This flirty and feminine style was perfect for our date night on Saturday night. The satin ruffle romper from ASTR the Label, fit me like a dream and flattered my 5'2 figure with the ruffle bottom. This style can definitely overwhelm a shorter figure, so I suggest sizing down. I definitely regret tying the belt in the front as I feel it drooped and took away from the overall look. 

For this style, the color is by far the best attribute, it's a beautiful rose color. In the photo it may look red but it's not. I would say the color is between a pink and a red. My only issue with the romper was how easily wrinkled it gets. I tried so hard to iron the romper, specifically that line on my chest, but I could not do it. This isn't my favorite romper, but the color is unlike anything in my closet. 

Something Old, Something New

A recent splurge during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale left me with this gorgeous blue number. Besides my newfound obsession with white jeans, this was my favorite purchase from July. With a price tag of $49, I was on the fence with this Socialite romper. What drew me to purchase this outfit was its vintage yet modern feel, it is unlike anything else in my closet. The lace and the dusty blue fabric make this garment look like something out of a vintage shop. I love having diverse clothes in my closet.

I paired my new romper with a blue denim jacket. As you will find out, this is my go to fashion staple. This romper can be worn in various ways depending on the weather and the occasion. The only issue with this romper is how low cut the front is. However, this can be fixed with a bralette or camisole. For a night out, you could wear this outfit without a bralette or camisole for a more daring look. Before putting on my denim jacket, I wanted to display the highlight of this piece, the back.

The back of the romper has a very delicate and vintage appearance with transparent blue lace. The zipper runs down the center of the back which adds attention to your back. This romper is ideal for accentuating your back and showing off your waist. The zipper unzips to the full length of the garment, which is how you put it on. This romper cinches in at the waist to give a more hourglass shape to the individual. I prefer this fitted type of look, although if you prefer a looser fit, I would size up.

Realistic Back to School Makeup

With a new semester of college approaching, I wanted to show a realistic back to school makeup look. I don't wear a lot of makeup to class, especially since my classes are early in the morning. I actually wear this look to class and not just for social media. My current routine takes less than 10 minutes which is realistic for a college student in the morning. If I had a later class, I would wear more makeup, but who has time to spend hours in front of the mirror when you have class at 8.    

Face & Eye

I started this look with Josie Maran's sunscreen, I followed this with Kat Von D's Lock-it Foundation. After applying my foundation, I dusted my eyes with light gold shadows from Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. I coated my lashes in BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara. Once my foundation is dry, I set it with the Bye Bye Pores powder from It Cosmetics. I want my foundation staying on my face while I'm on campus all day.

Bronze & Blush 

Once my foundation and eye look is set, I put on a small amount of bronzer and blush to give me some color and look awake. My bronzer is the NYC sunny bronzer and it is only $3. This cheap bronzer is a great dupe for the Benefit Hoola bronzer which is about $20. Anyways, after lightly bronzing my face, I added the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush to my face. This blush is supposed to last 12 hours, perfect for a long day of college. 

Lip & Outfit

I avoid using highlighter for my early classes, although I will wear it later in the day. For my lips, I applied the Neutrogena MoistureSmooth color stick. This color stick is so moisturizing and pigmented. This concludes my everyday look for realistic on campus makeup. For my outfit, I am just wearing a blush pink top which matches my makeup. When going to class, I would pair this top with jeans or leggings.

How I Style White Jeans

As white jeans remain a summer staple year after year, I finally decided to buy my first pair. Wow am I glad I did! Now I understand what all the hype is surrounding this summer trend. After years of styling blue denim jeans, I feel I have opened the door to so many more style possibilities. This was a style risk for me as I seldom follow trends. However, this worked out really well and I found an extremely flattering pair. I quickly learned that white jeans match nearly everything. They're such a clean and simple look and I paired them with equally simple tops. I didn't like them with heavily printed tops, although I may change my mind in the future. As of now, I thought they looked best with one color tops. A bolder top is more necessary with blue jeans since they don't stand out as much. I also plan on wearing my new white jeans after Labor Day! 

Outfit 1: White Tank & White Jeans

The first outfit includes a white lace tank top from Abercrombie and white denim jeans from Nordstrom. The brand for the jeans is Vigoss, and they're high-waisted and distressed. This white on white look is so crisp and clean, which I love. I rarely wear bold patterns and like to keep it simple. This color combination is ideal for summer and can be transitioned to fall with a beige or wine colored cardigan. I would wear this outfit to go walking on a beach boardwalk, but probably not to class. 

Outfit 2: Green Tank & White Jeans

Next, I paired my Vigoss jeans with a green tank top from Abercrombie. Abercrombie was having a great sale on muscle tees in July and I got them in nearly every color. I love this green tank as it pairs well with all jeans and is such a fall color. I wear green, burgundy and cream colors constantly in the fall. Additionally, I'm partial to the color green as it is the color of my eyes. I would wear this outfit to class with a cardigan or jean jacket, since my college campus always runs the air conditioning.

Outfit 3: Grey Tee & White Jeans

Lastly, I paired the same white jeans with a grey tee from Express. I feel that Express has great and affordable staple items for your closet. I can buy both internship appropriate outfits and night out outfits from them. This grey t-shirt goes with practically everything, from jeans to shorts to skirts. Grey is an ideal neutral color to have in your wardrobe and cannot be paired with any specific season. This look is probably my least favorite of the three, although I feel it is an easy and quick look to run errands or even attend class. Although, I wouldn't wear my sandals to class, I would trade them in for short boots or my Nike's.

Back to School Shopping with Zaful

As a returning college student, I want budget friendly back to school clothes, this lead me to encounter Zaful which has trendy women's clothing at affordable prices. After browsing the website, I found incredible sales on items I love, including sweaters, skirts and a tank dress. Sweaters, skirts and tank dresses are perfect transition pieces for going back to school and the fall season which is quickly approaching. Around the end of summer, I start looking for these transitional pieces so I can wear my summer clothes longer but still be dressed warmly in class. With many back to school sales, this is a great time to find trendy clothing at lower prices.

1. Faux Suede Skirt

This lace up faux suede mini skirt can be purchased at Zaful for $23.99, a great price for your next back to school and fall staple. Every girl could use a suede lace up skirt in her wardrobe. Imagine all the outfit possibilities whether you are going to class, or going apple picking in the fall like I do. This skirt matches well with common fall colors like burgundy, cream and olive. If you don't love the coffee colored suede look, but still want the lace up details, this skirt comes in 3 other colors. The other colors are army green, black and gray. If you want to read more about it click here

Lace Up Faux Suede Mini Skirt - Coffee

2. Cold Shoulder Sweater

This cold shoulder sweater can be purchased at Zaful for $18.33, a really low price for such a popular fall trend. The cold shoulder trend is popular year after year which makes this a must buy for back to school. This type of sweater can be worn with skirts, jeans and tights for class. I would style this top with dark jeans and knee length boots when going to class. This sweater comes in 4 other colors, black, blackish green, cadetblue, gray and white. If you want to read more about it click here.

Cold Shoulder Funnel Collar Jumper - Gray

You can shop their recent banner, or check their blog here

Planning for a Better Tomorrow

I have been a planner my whole life, but I'm relatively new to actually using a planner. I used to just store information in my head, but like all people I would forget sometimes. The human brain is a very powerful system, but theres nothing wrong with relying on planners or notebooks to help retain that information. With a new college semester quickly approaching and my new love for blogging, it seemed like the perfect time to get a planner. I used to rely on just making notes in my iPhone but using this daily planner will be so much easier.

Last week, I went to Target and decided to pick up a few items for the house. I purchased boring things like hand soap and milk, although as I wandered into the back to school section, I noticed a huge wall of notebooks and planners. I have to say, Target has an amazing section of planners. There were several different types including just plain notebooks with blank pages for writing. But I decided to get a daily planner which lists each day and your goals for that day. This organization will be very helpful for listing college homework and when I want to post blog posts.

Life can be so chaotic sometimes, I really do recommend getting a planner to help you sort out what you want to accomplish each day. It will be an adjustment, writing things down in it, as opposed to just storing it in your head and hoping you remember. I definitely think the act of writing is therapeutic so writing down important dates and information in it makes me feel better. Even though I'm not accomplishing something in that moment, at least I'm planning to accomplish it. We're only human, we can only do so much in one day, and thats ok!

How I Dress Well on a College Budget

Patience is a Virtue

Instead of buying an item right away, I usually wait until it goes on sale. This sounds frustrating, but leads to large savings. Recently I wanted a romper from Abercrombie that was $58 and I decided to wait. Then the following week it was on sale for $35. What a deal! My patience rewarded me a savings of about $24. Patience really can be a virtue and you also get the thrill of the buy. Obviously, there are instances where you can’t wait for something to go on sale, like if you have a wedding or a birthday. My advice about being patient is only applicable for non-special occasion purchases.

Browse the Web

When you see a trend or item that you really like, browse the web. Instead of buying a Gucci bag like every other instagramer, I decided to look for something similar and much cheaper. The price of Gucci is way out of my price range as a college student. I will start looking for a similar design and color. This could be a beige cross body bag from Forever 21, as that color and style is really popular on Instagram right now. Even though the high-end bags look gorgeous, it’s not worth spending that much money for just a bag. At the end of the day it’s just a purse. I would rather take a vacation for thousands of dollars.

Careful with Trends

Trends are exactly what they are called, trends. They might be popular one minute and out the next. This is why I try not to follow all the trends. I stick to something I would wear the following year regardless if it is popular or not. For example, off the shoulder tops, they were really trendy last summer and are really trendy this summer. I would still wear this style even if this wasn’t an Instagram sensation. I purchased a gingham dress and didnt really like it. Fortunately, the dress was on sale so I only spent $20 instead of buying 5 different items. One trend I never got on board with was the embroidery trend, it just doesnt appeal to me. I like common looks but I also stay true to myself.

Diversify your Wardrobe

I shop everywhere, lower-end to higher-end. I have plenty of clothes from Forever 21, Express, Abercrombie, Macy’s and some items from Nordstrom. I like having a diverse wardrobe and it makes it fun to pair a cheaper shirt with a nice pair of denim jeans. Not everything has to be super expensive to look good. Pair your basic white top from Express with higher end jeans from Nordstrom. Jeans are the one item that I will spend more on since I wear them constantly. Whereas I will never spend a lot of money on a plain white tee just because it is trending. I don’t see the value in that since I have so many.

How I Style Rompers in Winter

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