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Planning for a Better Tomorrow

I have been a planner my whole life, but I'm relatively new to actually using a planner. I used to just store information in my head, but like all people I would forget sometimes. The human brain is a very powerful system, but theres nothing wrong with relying on planners or notebooks to help retain that information. With a new college semester quickly approaching and my new love for blogging, it seemed like the perfect time to get a planner. I used to rely on just making notes in my iPhone but using this daily planner will be so much easier.

Last week, I went to Target and decided to pick up a few items for the house. I purchased boring things like hand soap and milk, although as I wandered into the back to school section, I noticed a huge wall of notebooks and planners. I have to say, Target has an amazing section of planners. There were several different types including just plain notebooks with blank pages for writing. But I decided to get a daily planner which lists each day…

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